Math Line Design Projects?

Answer If you are looking for a new way to supplement math instruction, work some line design projects into your lesson plans. Line designs can enhance learning in multiplication, division, fractions and ... Read More »

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How to Design Math Tests?

Tests in mathematics are generally designed for both the educator and the student. For the student, tests are a way of seeing how well they know the material, as well as a way of consolidating thei... Read More »

How to Design a Zip Line?

A zip line is a mechanism that's made up of a rope, a pulley, and handlebars that allows a person to zip down the rope from one location to another. Zip lines can be dangerous, so it's important th... Read More »

How to Create a Line Design?

Isometric cube made completely of straight lines.We all know that a line segment, or a line, is straight, right? What if somebody told you that you could make curves entirely out of straight lines?... Read More »

How to Design a Clothing Line?

Have you ever wanted to design your very own clothing line? It isn't very hard to do. All you need is an inspiration and a good imagination.