Math Games for Systems of Inequalities?

Answer Inequalities are an important aspect of math foundations and they continue to be important throughout upper-level math classes. To help your students learn about inequalities, try introducing games... Read More »

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Math Games for Inequalities?

Making math class fun helps to raise the interest level of the students. One helpful device is games. These games bring a sense of fun to the learning process. Inequalities frustrate children at ti... Read More »

Math Games to Teach Solving Inequalities?

To some students, algebra class can seem like a long, boring list of topics. First they learn about equations, then about inequalities; the two seem so similar that they may miss some of the minute... Read More »

How to Solve Systems of Inequalities Graphically?

An inequality is a mathematical statement that can have many different solutions. It uses the symbols of less than () or equal to (=). Symbols are also combined as less than or equal to (≤) and g... Read More »

How to Graph Systems of Equations & Inequalities?

Graphing systems of equations and inequalities is one of the most basic ways to solve such systems and is one of the first methods that you will learn in Algebra class. Fortunately, making such a g... Read More »