Math Games for Probability?

Answer Probability is essentially the chance that a certain outcome will occur. As a mathematical concept, probability is determining the likelihood of a specific result, typically as odds or a percent. A... Read More »

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Math Games for Theory of Probability?

Probability is a math concept that comes into play later in elementary school and into middle school. It is the idea that things will happen at a specific percentage or rate. For example, when you ... Read More »

Games for Math Probability With Colored Spinners?

These days we hear more and more about statistics. The percent of people who wear red or the percent of baseball stadiums that can seat more than 40,000. We hear predictions of every thing from po... Read More »

Fun Math Activities on Probability?

Predicting the likelihood an event will happen can be a difficult concept for children to grasp in the classroom. While using examples such as casinos and the lottery may raise questions of moralit... Read More »

Math Projects on Probability?

Probability is a formula used to determine the outcome of what would otherwise seem like a chance event. With the probability formula, you can determine the likelihood of a certain outcome when the... Read More »