Math Games for Percentages?

Answer Learning mathematics can be a challenge. Understanding this particular field of science requires a student to adopt a certain way of thinking and logical deduction, which not all children can achie... Read More »

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How to Add Percentages in Math?

Percents are expressions of fractions. They help to describe the amount of a whole that is being used, taken or added. Being able to add percents is beneficial when it is necessary to find how diff... Read More »

Math Terms for Percentages?

Percentages may be expressed in forms other than simply adding the percent symbol, as in 80%, to a value. Math terms for percentages may be expressed as decimals, fractions or ratios. Each form loo... Read More »

How to Teach Math Percentages to 6th Grade?

Calculating probability and sales tax, identifying ratios and proportions, and converting fraction values are a few ways that a teacher can introduce the concept of a percent to sixth-grade math st... Read More »

Tricks for How to Calculate Math Percentages?

A percent is a ratio of the number to 100 and often is expressed by a "%" symbol. Both "15 percent" and "15%" mean the same and stand for a ratio of "15:100." Percentages are useful in everyday cal... Read More »