Math Games for Multiplying?

Answer Teaching multiplication is part forced memorization and part logical explanation. Therefore, there are two types of math games that can help you teach multiplication--those that help students pract... Read More »

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How to Use Math Stations for Multiplying Fractions?

Creating math stations addresses the many different types of intelligences: a) interpersonal, brainstorming as a class on how fractions play a part in our lives; b) auditory and linguistic, use of ... Read More »

Math Problems on Multiplying Decimals?

Math problems involving multiplying decimals are often a problem for youngsters. Kids ages 7 to 14 sometimes struggle with these problems because they need to keep track of the number of places tha... Read More »

How to Study for a Math Test on Multiplying Decimals?

Learning the concepts behind decimals and how to manipulate them can seem intimidating to students at first. However, with a solid conceptual foundation, students will be able to approach the task ... Read More »

Games for Multiplying Fractions?

Fractions are usually a tricky concept for young students to master, but games are a great way for students to practice fractions once they understand the basic algorithms necessary to compute the ... Read More »