Math Games That Use Critical Thinking?

Answer Many mathematics games encourage critical thinking. Mathematics provides a structure to accurately measure things. Measuring things gives you a sound basis for analysis, whether you are making a d... Read More »

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Free Critical Thinking Games for Adults?

You can find online a wide variety of free critical thinking games. These games can test your skills in logic, language, math and memory. Try playing a critical thinking game each morning while you... Read More »

Thinking Strategies That Help Learn Basic Math Facts?

When teaching the basics of math, the primary and fundamental operations, your strategy should be to illustrate the operation and keep the explanation as simple as possible. Math doesn't have to be... Read More »

Activities for Critical Thinking in P.E.?

Critical thinking covers many aspects of thought including planning, reasoning, logic and reflection. Physical education class, or P.E., can incorporate all the aspects of critical thinking in many... Read More »

Skills for Critical Thinking?

Although no single definition of critical thinking exists, most experts would agree that it involves the process of constructing sound judgments based on logic, according to the University of Minne... Read More »