Math Addition Facts Game?

Answer Addition is one of the four basic math concepts. Often students are resistant to the learning process if they struggle in math. Incorporating games into instruction creates fun ways for students to... Read More »

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Facts on Math Addition for Kids?

After children learn how to count, one of the first skills they master is learning how to add numbers together. Still, the concept of addition can be hard to master, especially when a child has no ... Read More »

Activities for Learning Addition Math Facts?

Addition is one of the first mathematical functions that children learn. Not only is knowledge of addition facts necessary for success with other mathematical functions, but it is also needed for d... Read More »

How to Memorize Addition Facts?

Memorizing addition is a vital stepping stone towards learning more complicated forms of math. Children need these memorization skills in order to maximize time and attention in and out of the clas... Read More »

How to Memorize Addition & Subtraction Facts?

Memorizing addition and subtraction facts helps you solve basic fact, word and algebraic problems faster and with accuracy. You can create a number of study aids to help you learn and memorize basi... Read More »