Math Activities with Fractions?

Answer Manipulatives and games provide fun opportunities for math activities with fractions. Understanding fraction concepts is not the same thing as being able to use them efficiently. Engaging practice ... Read More »

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Hands on Math Activities With Equivalent Fractions?

The idea of equivalency in fractions is a foundational concept. Students must have a good grasp of this important idea in order to learn more complex fraction skills, such as simplifying, finding c... Read More »

Math Activities or Manipulatives for Fractions, Decimals & Percents?

Knowledge of mathematics is an important component to every child's scholastic, and later life-long, success. Everyday applications of math skills help us to budget money, solve problems, manage ti... Read More »

How to Practice Math Problems With Fractions?

Many students in middle school have problems with fractions. A fraction is a fundamental math concept that represents a part of a whole. In order to understand fractions, you need to know what the ... Read More »

How to Solve Math Problems With Fractions?

Fractions show parts of a whole. The denominator, or bottom half of the fraction, represents how many parts make up a whole. The numerator, or top half of the fraction, represents how many parts ar... Read More »