Math Activities for Teaching Factors?

Answer Factors are the components of multiplication problems. Students need to understand how to factor numbers, particularly when dealing with fractions. Factorization can be an extremely abstract concep... Read More »

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How Do I Use the Factors in Math Activities in Real Life?

Mathematics often has practical applications in everyday life. Once you know basic math principles, you don't always recognize that you are using them, just like you don't think of how you learned ... Read More »

Activities for Teaching Math?

Mathematics encompasses various skills, including counting, arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculus. As a student progresses through his academic career, learning mathematics can become stressfu... Read More »

Hands on Activities for Teaching Math?

Hands-on math activities are not only a great way to teach basic math skills, it is also a great way to reinforce math skills. Online math games can help you with teaching math but they are not alw... Read More »

Contextual Teaching Activities for Elementary Math?

How you present mathematics to elementary students can influence how they perceive the subject for years to come. Grounding new math concepts in concrete and relevant examples will make the subject... Read More »