Math Activities for Fraction Sticks?

Answer Math students tend to learn better when they are given manipulatives, or hands-on tools, to work with. One of these tools is a set of fraction sticks, or sticks in various lengths that are labeled ... Read More »

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Grade 7 Math: Fraction Activities?

Fractions can be a complicated part of math for many students. Seventh graders are typically learning how to do many things with fractions, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, makin... Read More »

2nd Grade Math & Fraction Activities?

Generally, second-graders have basic math skills that they learned in the first grade, including the ability to perform simple addition and subtraction with quick recall. During second grade, pupil... Read More »

Free Math Fraction Games or Activities?

Fractions aren't the easiest concept for a math teacher to introduce, especially in the abstract. Using visual games can ameliorate some of the confusion, allowing students to manipulate tactile qu... Read More »

How to Do Fraction Problems in Math?

Fractions are composed of the number of parts (numerator) divided by how many parts make a whole (denominator). For example, if there are two slices of pie and five pieces make a whole pie, the fra... Read More »