Math Activities for Fraction Sticks?

Answer Math students tend to learn better when they are given manipulatives, or hands-on tools, to work with. One of these tools is a set of fraction sticks, or sticks in various lengths that are labeled ... Read More »

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Grade 7 Math: Fraction Activities?

Fractions can be a complicated part of math for many students. Seventh graders are typically learning how to do many things with fractions, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, makin... Read More »

2nd Grade Math & Fraction Activities?

Generally, second-graders have basic math skills that they learned in the first grade, including the ability to perform simple addition and subtraction with quick recall. During second grade, pupil... Read More »

Free Math Fraction Games or Activities?

Fractions aren't the easiest concept for a math teacher to introduce, especially in the abstract. Using visual games can ameliorate some of the confusion, allowing students to manipulate tactile qu... Read More »

Who first used the fraction bar in math?

By 500 C.E., people in India had begun writing fractions with one number above the other to symbolize the numerator and denominator. However, the Arabs added the fraction bar to make them look the ... Read More »