Materials for Curing Concrete?

Answer When installing a concrete surface, the cement, sand and water in the mixture must be given sufficient time to bond together so the surface hardens properly. This process is known as curing, and it... Read More »

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Problems With Curing Concrete?

Hydration is the process through which water is used in the chemical reaction taking place in concrete to create a strong matrix of interlocking crystals. If too much water evaporates from the conc... Read More »

The Effects of Curing Concrete?

Curing is the drying and setting process of a concrete mass, whether it is a small patch or a large patio, and it should be done in a relatively slow, deliberate manner. If it is not properly cured... Read More »

How to Remove Concrete Curing Compound?

Concrete curing compound is a liquid product that is applied to the surface of newly poured concrete to stop water from evaporating from it. Water that is trapped inside the concrete creates a chem... Read More »

How do I remove black curing from concrete?

PrepareGather materials, such as a buffing machine, a wire-bristle brush, goggles and a broom. Sweep excess dust from the concrete.BuffWear the eye goggles. Attach the wire-bristle brush to the buf... Read More »