Materials Needed to Build a Navajo Hogan for a School Project?

Answer A Navajo hogan was the housing of choice for many centuries as that culture blossomed in the western portions of Canada. Even when the Navajo nation spread south around the 14th century and began b... Read More »

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The Materials Needed to Do a Science Fair Project on Bread Mold?

Science Fair projects on bread mold are simple if the student has the correct materials. Bread mold is a simple fungus whose spore are tiny and usually suspended in the air, waiting for the right e... Read More »

How to Create a Native American Navajo Hogan Home for Homework?

A hogan is a traditional dwelling of the Native American Navajo tribes that live in the western United States. Six-sided hogans were a permanent structure that Navajos started building around 1400 ... Read More »

Materials Needed to Build a Backyard Ice Rink?

There's something about skating on your own backyard rink that can't be replicated in indoor hockey rinks with their fluorescent lighting, perfectly smooth ice and year-round operation. A backyard ... Read More »

How do I determine how much materials are needed to build a deck?

Divide the Deck into PartsDivide the deck into parts: posts, floor joists and joist hangers, solid blocking, deck floor and handrails. Deck recommends that the deck not extend more than ... Read More »