Material and Equipment to Make Canvas Wall Art?

Answer Pre-made canvases are available at most art and craft stores. These pre-made canvases are convenient for beginner artists and artists who are not able to produce large volumes of paintings. However... Read More »

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How do I affix a canvas to the wall?

Prepare to Hang the CanvasMeasure the canvas to ensure it will fit the available space on the wall. Use a level and pencil to mark off a straight line for the top of the canvas if desired. Decide i... Read More »

Should I paint on my bedroom wall or on a canvas and then hang it on my bedroom wall?

Painting on drywall or gypsum always has drawbacks even tho it is nice and flat and firm. Definitely use canvass or even heavy white cotton or denim. Canvass definitely needs to be controlled and... Read More »

Can latex wall paint be used on artist canvas?

yes but its harder and you need a real thin brush

How can I hook up spare computer case fans to a wall outlet to cool my home theater equipment?

Yes you sure can! Look carefully at the labels on the fans. It should indicate which DC voltage and the amount of current (amps) it needs. Go to an electronics store (Radio Shack or similar) and ... Read More »