Masturbation question?

Answer Call me over

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Masturbation question! Please help!?

I guess what you have said is a joke. if not contact the other answerer.Or may be tell you mummy instead of your daddy.

Masturbation question plz help me?

The white stuff is likely what you said, foam. A mixture of fluid and air. When you are masturbating you will often have precum (pre-ejaculate). When you stoke your are spreading the pre-ejaculate ... Read More »

Masturbation question!?

Ok the first two answers were completely inappropriate for someone that is 14. First, yes it is normal to only take 7 minutes. It all depends on what state of mind you are in (how turned on you are... Read More »

Awkward masturbation question?

Stimulate your Clitoris. That will be your most sensitive area.