Answer masturbating will help you relax a little, but the actual orgasm will definitely hit the spot. you'll feel like your laying on a cloud, drifting through space peacefully after your orgasm, i promis... Read More »

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Is masterbating a sin?

According to the bible, it is a sin for men to masturbate. I don't believe that Female Masturbation is brought up.


Try masturbating in the shower. If the water pressure is good then you can just sit or lay down in the shower and let the water hit it. It's clean :)

What age to start masterbating?

There is no right age. People do it from birth until they die. Really all masturbation is, is stimulating one's own genitals for the purpose of feeling pleasure. That's it. It doesn't even have to ... Read More »

Have u ever been caught masterbating?

I would look straight into their eyes and finish.