Master Lock Electric Winch Instructions?

Answer Those who live in rural areas or frequent the outdoors often have a need for pulling or hauling items over a distance. Other circumstances create the need for powered assistance to move or remove i... Read More »

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How to Use an Electric Winch?

Electric winches placed on 4X4 vehicles and ATVs are used to recover those vehicles from deep mud holes or tight locations. Proper use of the winch is all the difference from having a fun afternoon... Read More »

Electric Vs. Hydraulic Winch Jeep?

A winch uses a powered spool to wind heavy-load cable and pull your stuck vehicle out of sticky situations. Powered winches may be either hydraulic or electric, and there are advantages and disadva... Read More »

Master Lock U Lock Carrying Bracket Directions?

A reliable and well-made lock is the first line of defense against theft of your bicycle. Obviously, this means carrying a lock with you wherever you take your bicycle. Your Master Lock U-lock carr... Read More »

Is it possible to change a dial combination lock to an electric key punch lock?

Ann, The short answer is yes. The long answer is; how difficult depends on the lock that is currently installed, and the operating bolt work. Some safes are directly retrofitable, and some safes m... Read More »