Massages with happy endings in Orlando?

Answer whats an UNhappy ending

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Do you like movies with open endings?

I like endings that suit the movie and its atmosphere... so open endings are okay as long as they are not unbelievable or ridiculous. I like the idea that there are multiple ways a movie could end ... Read More »

Where can I swim with or interact with dolphins in Orlando, FL?

Swimming with dolphins is an extraordinary adventure and is priced accordingly. Prices at Discovery Cove, start at $199 for the dolphin swim package, which includes access to all areas of the park ... Read More »

How to Make My Own Movie Endings?

When crafting a story, a beginning movie-maker often leaves one important element underdeveloped: the ending. The ending is one of the most memorable pieces of a movie because it's the payoff, a re... Read More »

Is there nerve endings in the brain?

There are no pain or motion neuroreceptors in the brain proper. This is what allowes the patient to be kept conscious during many neurosurgeries.