Massages with happy endings in Orlando?

Answer whats an UNhappy ending

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Is there nerve endings in the brain?

There are no pain or motion neuroreceptors in the brain proper. This is what allowes the patient to be kept conscious during many neurosurgeries.

What are "more" movies that have twist endings?

Here's a list of 99 twist movies: personal favourites:MementoBuriedSe7enExamTriangleIdentityInceptionFollowingA Perfect GetawayDonnie DarkoMr BrooksShutter Isla... Read More »

How to Make My Own Movie Endings?

When crafting a story, a beginning movie-maker often leaves one important element underdeveloped: the ending. The ending is one of the most memorable pieces of a movie because it's the payoff, a re... Read More »

Do you like movies with open endings?

I like endings that suit the movie and its atmosphere... so open endings are okay as long as they are not unbelievable or ridiculous. I like the idea that there are multiple ways a movie could end ... Read More »