Massages , is it normal to have pain and bruising afterwards ?

Answer - hope you not getting bruised after a massage with a happy ending, that wouldn't be goodIf its a normal massage, tell the chiro/masseuse t o no go so hard..

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Leg pain, followed by bruising behind the knee?

Tight muscles in your lower back can press into the nerves leaving the spine that go to your legs to send pains into your legs. If the pressure is really bad it can cause a muscle to activate maki... Read More »

Intense leg pain... followed by bruising later in the evening?

None of 'em works out very well. You should consider performing light exercise on the leg.ORUse the pain killer to lessen the pain.Good luck!

Got my anti eyebrow done recently , bruising around my eye , normal or infected?

Its not might have an infection.

Is it normal for a 22wk old to pull at their ear to the point of rubbing the skin off bruising and bleeding?

Yes I've taken to Doctors but have been assured that there is nothing there.Have you taken it to the doctor yet? It sounds like an ear infection.