Massage as a Hair Loss Cure?

Answer Hair loss can be the result of aging, heredity, medical conditions, stress, or nutritional deficiencies. If you're struggling with hair loss, you've probably noticed the overwhelming amount of prod... Read More »

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Scalp Massage With Fingers to Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Hair?

A scalp massage with fingers helps stop hair loss and regrows hair. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, massage stimulates the scalp by increasing circulation. This also... Read More »

The Best Homemade Cure for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is an affliction that affects many people, particularly men, as they reach middle age and it is something many men struggle to deal with. While there are a wide variety of hair loss solut... Read More »

It's urgent! Can anyone tell me a cure for hair loss?

A 'cure' for hair loss really depends on the person & the source of the problem which could include stress, poor diet, & medication. Some people also suffer with scalp issues. Through the use of pe... Read More »

Japanese Hair Loss Cure?

Hair loss affects more than 47 million Americans. In many cases it is caused from stress, but after stress-related cortisol levels in your blood lower, hair resumes its natural growth rate. In othe... Read More »