Massage Chairs Premier Vs. Human Touch?

Answer Massage chairs provide a convenient muscle relaxer at home, when you cannot get away to the spa for the real thing. Some chairs include foot massagers and music. Although massage given by human tou... Read More »

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Dangers of Massage Chairs?

If you receive a chair massage from a licensed massage therapist, it is likely that they have up-to-date equipment that should not pose any risk. Massage chairs may be dangerous in a few rare circu... Read More »

Do massage chairs help fibromyalgia?

On One Hand: Massage Chairs Can Relieve PainMassage chairs can help relieve the pain and stiffness that comes with fibromyalgia. Massage therapists and doctors have seen huge improvements in patien... Read More »

How is it that some phone touch screens only respond to human touch?

Well, some touch screens are pressure sensitive, but the ones you're talking about are heat sensitive. They only react when touched by a temperature above "xx" degrees.

Where can I find a massage therapist who is willing to touch me?

If I can use an electric sander (Great for wrinkle removing) I could give you a go for an undisclosed sum.