Massachusetts State Labor Laws?

Answer Workers should know the laws of their state, as well as national and local laws. Only then will they become informed enough to assert their rights or take further action if an employer tries to ign... Read More »

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Massachusetts Fair Labor Laws?

The state of Massachusetts follows the guidelines set by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938. The United States Congress passed the FLSA at the end of the Great Depression as a way to preve... Read More »

Labor Laws About Working On-Call in Massachusetts?

On-call work is regulated by federal and state employment agencies. Documents such as the Fair Labor Standards Act regulate on-call work policies nationally. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts suppl... Read More »

Labor Laws on Termination for Nonperformance in Massachusetts?

Federal and state laws protect workers from being fired unjustly. However, under Massachusetts law, employers can terminate a worker for nearly any reason aside from discrimination. Employers must ... Read More »

Massachusetts Out of State Driving Laws?

Each state has its own set of driving laws that apply to out of state drivers. Massachusetts requires that out of state drivers abide by the same laws as residents while in the state, making it pru... Read More »