Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Instructions?

Answer The mass air flow sensor in your car or light truck measures the volume and, in some cases, the temperature of the air flowing into the engine's intake manifold. With this information, the onboard ... Read More »

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What does a mass air flow sensor do?

A mass air flow sensor measures the volume of air that has been sucked into the engine and then converts it into a voltage amount. This helps figure engine load, which in turn adjusts the fuel inje... Read More »

How to Tell If a Mass Air Flow Sensor Is Bad?

A mass air flow sensor is a component in your vehicle's engine bay (under the hood) that is used to calculate the mass of air entering the fuel injection system, and ultimately, the engine. The mas... Read More »

How to Know If a Mass Air Flow Sensor Is Bad?

There are several symptoms that can point to a bad mass air flow (MAF) sensor, including rough idle, excessive fuel consumption or not enough fuel reaching the injectors, engine stalling and even d... Read More »

How to Remove a Mass Air Flow Sensor?

The mass airflow sensor measures the volume of air moving through the air intake system. The sensor, also called a MAF sensor, is usually secured to the air intake tubing that runs from the filter ... Read More »