Marshmallow Ideas for Kindergarten Games & Crafts?

Answer Marshmallows are fascinating substances. They are edible, but feel more like soft toys than food, which will help you discover a variety of uses for marshmallows. Kindergarteners have several craft... Read More »

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Kindergarten Games & Crafts?

The Scholastic website reports that a common misconception is that kindergartners must come to the classroom knowing the alphabet, and shapes and colors. Yet kindergarten teachers consider playing ... Read More »

Great Ideas for Kindergarten Gym Games?

Kids ages 5 and 6 years old are physically active and usually have good large motor skills. This age group can catch and throw balls, run and jump. Kindergartners should have ample opportunity to p... Read More »

Ideas for Kindergarten File Folder Games?

A good teacher is able to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all his students. This is as necessary in kindergarten as it is in 12th grade. Using file folder games is a good way for stu... Read More »

Crafts for Pre-Kindergarten?

For pre-kindergarten children, craft activities should emphasize the process of having fun and developing skills. Although it is important to provide supervision and starting points for craft activ... Read More »