Mars Bar or Snickers?

Answer SNICKERS by a mile

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Do any of the choclate products contain pig's fat, exampl: pounty, snickers, mars?

You are way too paranoid about it. They don't use pig fat for such things. They use vegetable oils. You aren't going to die if they did.

Why are sweets like mars bars and snickers(marathen)getting smaller?

Instead or raising the prices the companies lower the portion to get a larger profit. The ice cream companies are doing the same, instead of 64 oz containers they are usually 48 oz now.But you're ... Read More »

Where are Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Twix, Hubba Bubba.........made?

i know where mars was made. on mars thats why it taste so good. idk the rest

The distance to mars is 7.5 x 1010 meters how long does it take for a radio signal from mars pathfinder to be received by nasa on earth?

light travels at approximately 300,000,000 m/s, so to pass 7.5*1010 meters it would take: 7.5*1010/300,000,000=250 seconds = 4.167 minutes P.S. Mars is not that close, in real life the signal ta... Read More »