Marketing Strategies for the Maturity Stage?

Answer Products go through stages in the product life cycle -- development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Each stage has different challenges, earning potential and associated strategies. Th... Read More »

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Food Marketing Strategies?

The successful marketing of food products translates into increased sales, faster turnover and higher profits. Food marketing can apply to products found at grocery stores, restaurants or quick mar... Read More »

Fresh Produce Marketing Strategies?

When people shop for fresh produce, they want to purchase quality fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices. Everyone appreciates a good deal, and they want the best selections available for their... Read More »

Retail Cooperative Marketing Strategies?

Cooperatives are a specialized type of corporate business structure that allows small groups to jointly own a business, typically designed to promote shared products or goods. Cooperatives are ofte... Read More »

Types of Service Marketing Strategies?

Marketing a service is different from a product because it is intangible. The service marketing mix includes the four Ps (product, place, price and promotion), but it extends to include three more ... Read More »