Marital Rights to End of Life Scenarios?

Answer It is something that most loving couples don't want to talk about -- end of life scenarios. No couple who cares for one another wants to contemplate the prospect of losing one another. But, tragica... Read More »

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Do engaged people have the same rights as in a marital divorce?

No. Engagement is the time between the accepted proposal and the wedding. It is seen merely as a promise to marry and does not come with the same rights. Some states, however, regulate the return o... Read More »

Life Rights and Retirement?

Life rights refers to a contractual agreement between you and another person for the use of property for a set period. An agreement for life rights in retirement means that you receive the use of a... Read More »

Can you license life story rights?

You can license life story rights, as long as you can find someone who wants to buy them. Under terms of a life story rights acquisition agreement, the grantor, or the person selling the rights, wo... Read More »

If the father is locked up for life does he have any parental rights?

Answer I do believe that any father/mother convicted of a felony in which a life sentence was enacted forfiets their parental rights. You may petition the court to file the necessary paperwork. As ... Read More »