Marine recruiter here in az told me they dont pay in boot camp?

Answer You are absolutely being lied to. Here is one legal website that answers your question:…And there are many others if you care to Google.That recruiter is a... Read More »

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Do they give you shots at the marine boot camp monthly?

I believe they do keep you up to date on your shots

How is marine boot camp for girls?

We don't anymore. we have brown boots now that when they get dirty we can simply take a brush to them. As for dress shoes we have Corofams. They are already shiny, all we have to do to clean those ... Read More »

What do you do in Marine Boot Camp?

You can Mark it up as a 13 week initiation ceremony which graduates the leanest and meanest, brightest and boldest, tightest and toughest group of fighting men and women in the World where each can... Read More »

What is Marine boot camp like?

Marine Corps boot camp is a period of intense training meant to turn civilians into soldiers. Boot camp teaches teamwork, dedication and combat skills necessary to survive.LocationsThe Marine Corps... Read More »