Marine Turtle's Diet?

Answer There are several species of marine turtle, including the loggerhead sea turtle, the leatherback sea turtle and the green sea turtle. These marine turtles have a varied diet consisting of many smal... Read More »

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A Sea Turtles Diet?

The diets of sea turtles are incredibly varied, often changing from species to species. Since sea turtles occupy many different aquatic environments throughout the world, their jaws have adapted to... Read More »

Where do marine turtles live?

Marine turtles live in open waters, as well as coastal habitats. Sharks, fish and some people living in coastal communities eat marine turtles, which has led to six of the seven types of marine tur... Read More »

What Is the Diet of Snapping Turtles?

The snapping turtles are a symbol of aggressive behavior and a surly disposition. They even look the part; the Alligator Snapping Turtle, one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world, has thr... Read More »

Marine Commando Diet?

Contrary to popular belief, the Royal Marine diet does not consist of all protein and beer. Such misconception dates back to the American Revolution when talk of a "lack of variety" in the Royal Na... Read More »