Marine Rescue Training?

Answer Federal, state and local authorities must be trained in marine tactical law enforcement as well as water rescue. Some areas of marine training, such as flood training, are more dangerous than fight... Read More »

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What is the difference between the US marine combat training in World War 2 and modern day Marine combat training?

The Marine training of World War 2 is the same as the training of today except now we have more modern armament and computerized equipment the Marine recruits have to learn about now. It has always... Read More »

Can you read books at Marine Corps Marine Combat Training School?

Most Field Manuals are considered to be acceptable leisure reading material.

House Training Your New Rescue Dog?

Rescue dogs are turned over to a rescue organization for a variety of reasons. In addition to divorce and moving, people tend to purchase dogs based on the cuteness factor and fail to realize that ... Read More »

Rescue Training Schools?

Many institutions have rescue teams, from fire rescue to fast water, ocean and other rescue environments. The federal government trains and employs a variety of rescue teams. Many are trained and ... Read More »