Marine Battery Testing Procedures?

Answer Marine batteries, sometimes also referred to as deep cycle batteries, should be tested regularly so they can be replaced before an urgent situation arises. There is a series of tests that you can p... Read More »

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Petty Cash Audit Testing Procedures?

Businesses that maintain petty cash to pay for small, on-demand necessities should implement proper petty cash audit testing procedures to ensure that employees use petty cash for appropriate reaso... Read More »

Is a marine starting battery a deep cycle battery?

A marine starting battery is not a deep cycle battery. A starting battery produces several hundred amps of current to start an engine but discharges only a few percent of its capacity. A deep cycle... Read More »

Testing Car Battery Vs. Alternator?

If your car battery and/or alternator are not working correctly, you stand a high risk of being stranded with a car that refuses to start. Thankfully, diagnosing battery and alternator problems is ... Read More »

Check Out Procedures for an Automobile Battery?

You hopped into your car this morning, turned the ignition key, but nothing happened. You tried again. Nothing. Your battery is dead. Now what. There are several tests you can perform to check for ... Read More »