Marijuana name one thing wrong ..?

Answer Hmm, well. I can't answer your question. I noticed that two people said that it fries brain cells but they are wrong. There is a misconception that marijuana kills brain cells but what actually ... Read More »

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Is there such thing as a medical marijuana card in qld australia ?

No. Marijuana is illegal throughout Australia. There is a tolerance in some places such as Adelaide and Canberra where you won't be charged if you are caught with a small amount or grow two or thre... Read More »

Help!! some thing ran down the wrong hole?

Try coughing really hard to see if you can dislodge it and bring it up, if you can't then its best to go to the ER and have a doctor remove it.

What the hell is wrong with this stupid thing?

How to Never Say the Wrong Thing (in All Forms of Communication)?

On occasion, we'll all make rude comments without even meaning to. This wiki will show how to avoid these mishaps.