Marijuana has what effect on the body?

Answer I would say C or B.

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Does smoking marijuana for over 5 years effect your personality?

it effects different people in different ways.some would become fried (joe Walsh, Bob Dylan)some it would have no effect at allthe rest---somewhere in the middle

How long does marijuana stay in your body?

Wow... where do these people come up with these answers!!!??? The TRUTH is that how long it takes depends on 2 things. First, how often do you smoke? Second, how fat are you (THC tetrahyrdacanibina... Read More »

Is medical marijuana healthy for the body?

On One Hand: It Has Proven Medical UsesAccording to the National Institute of Health, marijuana can help relieve the symptoms of glaucoma for three to four hours with a standard dosage. In addition... Read More »

Does the amount of marijuana consumed correlate with body mass index?

I think you have answered your own question. Generally medications are produced in a standard format and those of us who are smallish have to use a certain amount of judgment in taking them. So now... Read More »