Marijuana Butter Cooking help!?

Answer that deep fryer will work...put in butter...melt...add herb and cook until desired extraction...TIP - open windows and put large window fans in them...turn on high and have them pointing outdoors..... Read More »

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Can I use peanut butter instead of margarine or butter when cooking?

I dont think so..but peanut butter might be good on your leg...need a Kitty to lick it off?

Soaking Marijuana in oil no cooking?

3-4 weeks. Grind the weed up real fine. Just use enough oil to just cover the weed in a glass jar..Keep it a dark cool place ans shake it up a little every day. Strain it through a tea strainer and... Read More »

How to Prepare Marijuana Butter?

For many medical marijuana users, the health risks related to smoking outweigh the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana. Also, many people dislike the lingering smell of smoke, or simply find ... Read More »

What are some other uses for butter other than cooking?…George must be really hungry. lol