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Can x ray see marijuana?

Depends on the machine. Different materials are different penetrable by x-ray, and some machines are tuned to pick up on the level of resistance typically caused by Marijuana.


wow.. good questions.. first of all cocaine is a man-made chemical and personally i don't do that.. i've seen the destruction man-made chemicals do to people and... NO THANKS. also, the hairs are s... Read More »

How bad is marijuana for you?

Marijuana is bad for you mainly because smoking in general is bad for your lungs. But it's only mildly so. It is not generally a dangerous drug, nor is it highly addictive. That being said, you're ... Read More »

Is marijuana bad for you?

More good than harm?! These people must be high.I smoked a LOT every week since I was 15 and now at 21 I'm a year clean. YES it screws with your brain cells. I can't remember stuff that my sober ma... Read More »