Margins at the top of Word Doc not showing up?

Answer If you go to word options > display > tick 'show white space between pages in print layout view'

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How do I make margins for MS Word?

Finding margin options, pre-loaded settingsIn Microsoft Word 2007, click the "Page layout" tab and locate the page setup grouping. Click "Margins" and choose the margin type that you'd like. The pr... Read More »

How to Change Margins in Word?

Changing margins and other formatting in Word is easy, when you know where to look. You can change the margins before or after writing your document. Be careful with formal documents to leave enoug... Read More »

Change margins on Word for a Mac?

You can tell Word to do 0" margins under the "Format" menu. Choose "Document" from there, and you can put in 0s for the top, bottom, left and right margins. You will most likely be given an error m... Read More »

How do you set margins to 1 inch in Microsoft word?

1. Go to "File" in the upper left hand corner.2. Click on "Page-set up" it should be third on the list.3. A box will pop up..When it asks about margins, set them all to 1. hope that helps...