Marapets Easter Egg Hunt 2009?

Answer 1) Go to Pet Trades2) Play the Plushie Machine3) Go to the Balloon Shop4) Complete a course at the Elite Gym5) Play Snap6) Play Undying Tombola7) Complete a course at the Gym8) Bet on Newth Four at... Read More »

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How to Find Easter Eggs in an Easter Egg Hunt?

It can be hard to find those Easter eggs!Easter egg hunts are fun and enjoyable. But however, It is a real bother when you can't seem to find the Easter eggs! Here is how to find Easter eggs in an ... Read More »

When was the first Easter egg hunt in history?

The Easter egg hunt's roots can be traced back to pagan fertility traditions of medieval Northern Europe. Eggs were offered to hopeful mothers to improve the chances of childbirth. With the rise ... Read More »

How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt?

Ever wanted to host an Easter egg hunt? It is great fun for the kids and it is just as much fun for the teens and adults to watch the kids hunting around - perfect photo opportunities!

Why do we hunt eggs for easter?

For hundreds of years, eggs have been associated with springtime and revitalization. Easter celebrations around the world have included eggs and egg hunts for centuries. Whether considered a symbol... Read More »