Manual line breaks in Word... How do I format the first and second line differently?

Answer You can not do it the way you tried.Shift-Enter gives you a manual line break. This gives you a new line but not a new paragraph. Centering is a paragraph format. You can not apply a paragraph form... Read More »

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How to Quickly Remove Line Breaks in Microsoft Word?

When you copy and paste text from websites into Microsoft Word, formatting often becomes corrupted, resulting in distorted text that sometimes contains line breaks or text-wrap breaks. Although you... Read More »

How to Find the Manual Line Break in Microsoft Excel?

Trying to find an invisible character in an Excel spreadsheet can be overwhelming and frustrating if you have to search one cell at a time. But with the use of the numeric keyboard and the Find com... Read More »

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How to Get PDF in Vector Line Format?

In 1993, Adobe Systems developed the Portable Document Format (PDF). It is a file format that was created for document exchange. The structure of a PDF file is independent of any application softwa... Read More »