Mannequin Makeup Tips?

Answer Whether you need a mannequin made up for a retail store display or to practice your makeup artist skills, the desired end result is typically the same---a natural, flawless look. This can be obtain... Read More »

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How to Apply Makeup on a Mannequin's Head?

A mannequin is an object designed to resemble a human head and torso. Mannequins may be used to help design clothes, as part of a display and as a way of practicing procedures on humans without usi... Read More »

How to Practice Applying Makeup on a Mannequin's Head?

Girls enjoy applying makeup, so why not practice on a mannequin? This article contains the instructions on how to apply that special glimmer to that object!

Makeup Tips!!!:) <3 :)?

Eye primer will just make your eye shadow more bright but it does help! concealer is just cream stuff to out on your face to hide pimples or blemishes so use one that's your color. I was the same ... Read More »

Eye Makeup Tips?

Our eyes exercise a special power of communication by revealing personality and emotion. Applying makeup to your eyes can make you look like a glamorous celebrity or the girl next door. Whatever yo... Read More »