Manipulative Activities on Colors for Preschool?

Answer Manipulatives are objects for preschool children to touch and move while learning basic math concepts, such as colors. Manipulatives can be blocks, beads and pattern cards. One common manipulative ... Read More »

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Cognitive Skills, Colors, Numbers & Teaching Activities for Preschool?

Preschoolers, like children of all ages, will develop at their own pace. These ideas are suggestions that can modified for individual differences. You might want to make exercises more complex or s... Read More »

Manipulative Activities for Children?

In the educational setting, manipulatives refer to objects that children can hold and move and offer a tactile learning experience. These objects provide a concrete example of skills and concepts t... Read More »

Manipulative Activities for Kindergarten Math?

During kindergarten, children begin building an awareness for the various subject areas, which will continue to be expanded upon throughout their educational careers. Kindergarten math instruction ... Read More »

Manipulative Activities With Silly Putty & Beads?

Young children lack the fine motor skills necessary for writing, tying shoes and other tasks. These skills may be developed through manipulative activities. Silly Putty and beads are excellent tool... Read More »