Mangosteen Cultivation?

Answer Mangosteen is a slow-growing tropical tree that produces a fruit with a fleshy purple rind containing white seed-bearing segments. The flesh is tangy and firm with a flavor similar to peach. To cul... Read More »

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Is mangosteen toxic to livestock?

Mangosteen fruit is not toxic to livestock. A 2007 study at Khon Kaen University in Thailand found that feeding a mixture of mangosteen peel with sunflower and coconut oil decreased the presence of... Read More »

What is mangosteen juice?

Mangosteen juice is a juice made from the tropical mangosteen plant from Southeast Asia. The fruit is not like a mango; it is more like a tangerine in shape. Mangosteen juice is used as a supplemen... Read More »

How to Grow a Mangosteen in a Container?

The mangosteen is a sweet, tropical fruit that grows on trees that can reach 80 feet tall in the wild. Purdue University classifies mangosteen as an ultra-tropical plant, meaning it cannot withstan... Read More »

What is mangosteen juice used for?

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit found in Southeastern Asia. Mangosteen juice has been used for centuries in Asian countries---and more recently, in the Americas--- for its health benefits, such as p... Read More »