Management & Leadership Skills for the Hospital Workplace?

Answer The hospital workplace consists of a wide variety of departments, such as anesthesia, maternity, housekeeping, emergency, nutrition and general surgery. Managers and supervisors in these divisions ... Read More »

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How to Differentiate Between Leadership & Management Skills in the School Setting?

Leadership and management are two of the most misunderstood concepts in the business world. Although both terms describe the competencies of effective managers, they are not synonymous. However, it... Read More »

Change Management Skills for Hospital Managers?

Regardless of the type of organization that you lead, change management skills can be difficult to acquire. In a hospital and health care environment, changes can be difficult to implement because ... Read More »

Effective Motivational Leadership Qualities in the Workplace?

Quality leaders in the workplace, on the field and in life are often able to inspire others to excel. Defining these qualities can help a leader become an effective motivator of others. Leadership ... Read More »

Can an LPN Be in a Leadership Position Within a Hospital Setting?

It is possible for a licensed practical nurse (LPN) to assume a leadership role in a hospital. Such a case would depend on the work environment at a specific hospital. However, in general LPNs ofte... Read More »