Mammals That Are Never Found in the Open Country?

Answer Many of the world's mammals well in non-open country areas, including mountain ranges, rainforests and oceans. These wildlife species use their environments for sources of food and shelter. Also, s... Read More »

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What country is NASA found in?

NASA's HQ is in Washington DC. They have facilities all over the US. From Wikipedia: Research centers Ames Research Center, Moffett Federal Airfield, Mountain View, California Jet Propulsion Labo... Read More »

What country was the element aluminum found in?

The metal aluminum was discovered in 1825 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Hans Christian Oersted. After further scientific experiments by Frederick Wohler in 1945, the element was renamed aluminium, usi... Read More »

The brand apple was found in which country?

What type of land form is found along the southeast coast of the us country?