Malware on Computer, Can't Get to Certain Sites?

Answer Clean your Temp folder first.Download Process Explorer from sysinternals: downloaded, right-click and rename the file to explorer.exe then double click t... Read More »

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How to Check Sites for Malware?

Checking web sites for malware can be done by using a variety of options that are available from your web browser. This includes using the Google Safe Browsing Tool or Norton Safe Web that is avail... Read More »

How to Remove Certain Sites From History?

Every website that you visit online is recorded in your Web browser's history. Everyone who has access to your computer is able to see this browser history. However, you might not want certain webs... Read More »

DSL att modem disconnects when using certain sites?

Bad router or connection, or you are being DDoS'd, or you have a program or firewall that is blocking your connection whenever you enter a blacklisted website.

Is there a way to prevent myself from having access to certain sites? a great place! Good luck with your struggle! :)