Malware and it dosnt go away?

Answer First, disable system restore.Next, download and install the following programs: RKill,MalwareBytes Anti Malware, SuperANTISpyware and Ccleaner. They are all free and you may delete them and uninst... Read More »

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Malware removal, i tried scanning with anti -malware programme but it didn't help?

This is a browser Hijacking.A pain but not overly difficult to remove.Follow the instructions at the link below and you should be OK.I just the hijack. SpyBot Search and Destroy caught it a... Read More »

What causes a program to be labeled malware What are some main characteristics of malware?

Malware, being a pretty new term has many different definitions. Although, I use the term to mean any malicious software on a computer (this seems reasonably consistent with much of the computing w... Read More »

Why dosnt my camera work?

Hi there,I've had the same problem with one of my friend's cameras and who had been to the was a Canon S410.....I took it apart and guess what was causing the problem with the lens? 1 sm... Read More »

Why dosnt myspace work?

tom said that there was a power serge in his area and put his servers down and they should be up shortly (maybe by tomorrow) hopefully I MISS IT!!! lol