Male to Female Ratios in Colleges?

Answer Male to female ratios vary among different colleges and degree programs throughout the United States, but clear trends exist across the nation. Gender ratios in higher education affect both life in... Read More »

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Is it best to have 2 female dogs or a male&a female?

On One Hand: Same Sex Dogs Compete For Social RankAdding another dog to your household requires careful consideration of several factors, as temperament, breed and age influence the outcome. Howeve... Read More »

If your a 17 year old male living in Britain and your in love with a 14 year old female which the feeling is mutual on both sidesand she falls pregnantdoes the 17 year old male go to prison?

Answer yes only if the parents press charges on you because a person 17 and older is not allowed to have sex with some one younger than them unless the parents say its ok for that child to.If the p... Read More »

Male Vs. Female Pug Characteristics?

Pugs are a small breed of dog weighing around 10 to 20 pounds and are among one of the most recognizably known dogs. The pug originated in ancient China and were said to have been a cherished posse... Read More »

Google is male or female?

Female1) Have an answer for everything you ask (no matter good or bad)2) Starts replying (showing result) before you can finish saying (typing your query)3) Likes colorful new design everyday