Making pignoli cookies for the first time but...?

Answer 2 3/4 egg whites means 2 and 3/4 egg whites. It does NOT mean two eggs. You'll need to separate three eggs to get 2 3/4 egg whites.

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How to Make Pignoli Cookies?

Pignoli, or pine nut, cookies are a staple at any Italian bakery. The cookies are made from a simple combination of almond paste, sugar and eggs, which is then topped with a sprinkling of pine nuts.

Making cookies last longer?

They wont go bad. Eventually they may go stale but nog anytime soon. You can also freeze them.

I am making cookies and am wondering if...?

Oy vey! What am I, your token Messianic Christian? The fundies don't like me much, and the Catholics said I am going to hell. Just gimme a cookie and I will go comfort myself. That's right. I have ... Read More »

I'm making chocolate chip cookies but I don't have vanilla..?

I don't think so,but if I were you Juju...I'd just eat the cookie dough! :3