Making correction on FAFSA?

Answer Just to be safe, I would call the fin aid office and let them know what you did. It really depends on what you corrected in how it might be effected. A change to your enrollment status,classifica... Read More »

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Do I need to send in my tax return after submitting a FAFSA correction?

More than likely you will have to send a copy, but if they need it, they will request it. Don't send until requested or it will end up in the wrong place and you will end up sending it again.

Is it posible to stop making the FAFSA payments now that I'm back at school?

Yes, you can stop payments if you fill out the paperwork for the deferment (or forebearance--the loan people will tell you which you are eligible for and the difference). Call the place you send t... Read More »

How do u find information about an inmate at a correction cneter the center is eastern ohio correction center?

Call the prison, they can tell you only whats on his public information page. Which by the way isnt the whole story by a long shot, not actual crimes just what he pled down to and what he is curren... Read More »

What Is Correction Factor?

A correction factor is any mathematical adjustment made to a calculation to account for deviations in either the sample or the method of measurement. Below are some examples of real world correctio... Read More »