Making a headache go away?

Answer Acupressure? Massage the area between your thumb and index finger. I know it sounds crazy, but it can't hurt to try, right? xPAlso try the upper part of your neck in the back, near where your hair ... Read More »

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What is the fastest natural way of making a splitting headache go away?

one pressure point is pinching the area between your thumb and pointer finger. Also rubbing your temples, caffeine, less light, breathing deeper, and cold compress. may help a little.

How to Massage Away a Headache?

The most common headaches are vascular and muscle tension headaches. Vascular headaches, a result of swelling and constricting blood vessels, are typically accompanied by throbbing or pounding pain... Read More »

What helps a headache go away?

Headache wont go away help?

Something is messed up. Try these stretches, they help a lot