Making a facebook...HELP!?

Answer There really isn't a way to look at the privacy and security settings BEFORE you make a Facebook. But Facebook is a VERY SECURE website. Its almost impossible for anyone to find out your personal... Read More »

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Should I delete my facebookhelp!!!?

Honestly yes you should, I deactivated mine two months ago. Facebook has complety destroyed communication, people have become to reliant on facebook for communication. You will become more sociable... Read More »

When making Applebee's red berry Sangria, how much juice do i use when making it w/ a large bottle(1.5L)Cab?

The change in wine makes it a different drink but close enough. Use 1.5L of the juice.

How do I go about making someone take me seriously about this?

If you have documentation of these side effects happening to you then you can go to a lawyer and he or she can help you bring it to their must have some type of documentation though... Read More »

When making a cup of tea, did you know...?