Making a facebook...HELP!?

Answer There really isn't a way to look at the privacy and security settings BEFORE you make a Facebook. But Facebook is a VERY SECURE website. Its almost impossible for anyone to find out your personal... Read More »

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Should I delete my facebookhelp!!!?

Honestly yes you should, I deactivated mine two months ago. Facebook has complety destroyed communication, people have become to reliant on facebook for communication. You will become more sociable... Read More »

When making Applebee's red berry Sangria, how much juice do i use when making it w/ a large bottle(1.5L)Cab?

The change in wine makes it a different drink but close enough. Use 1.5L of the juice.

Map-Making Freeware?

Map-making software allows you to make all kinds of maps far more quickly and easily than you could by hand. Some of this software is very expensive, but you can find map-making applications that a... Read More »

Jewelry Making?

I started making my own jewelry in February. I bought a whole metric boatload of stuff and have been having fun ever since.What I got:Pliers/tools - ergonomic is best:Round nose (for making loops ... Read More »