Making a change to being vegan?

Answer I never let anyone call the shots in my lifestyle choices. Be the person you want to be and don't let others get in the way. I am 27 years old, cooking a vegan diet for two at a monthly budget of a... Read More »

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Is being vegan making me sick?

Vomiting MORE than usual??Vomiting isn't usual at all unless you have a stomach virus.Your mom and dad should take you to a doctor.

Help making a vegan lasagna?

you can use soybean curd-known as bean cheese, or-yes-TOFU as a good alternate. is "vegan mince" a soy granule product? then you're there.

How to Go Vegan Without Making Yourself Miserable?

You've heard about animal cruelty in factory farming, right? And you know how fattening dairy is. But it's so hard to give it up! Well read on and find ways to help your transition.

Vegan Diet Making the transition?

You sould like you're eating a science could just try enjoying food.Avocado, coconut, bananas, wholewheat cereals, bread, rice, tofu , soybeans, lentils, qinoa, millet, spelt , buckwhe... Read More »